Gaje Singh Kablana – Our Superhero

Gaje Singh Kablana, the Councillor of Ward No. 5 is beaming, and so are his supporters. Numbers are swelling constantly at his office near Palam Vihar Extension, on Wednesday afternoon. Celebrations are starting. Dressed in a pristine white kurta pyjama, Kablana is ecstatic as he informs people about the Supreme Court decision delivered that day –  staying the demolition of structures in the 900 metres disputed area around the Air Force Ammunition Depot. This territory falls within his Ward.

Kablana is fighting the court case on behalf of the affected people residing in the disputed land. He has just returned from the Supreme Court with the good news.

A major part of Ward no. 5 falls in the disputed area  – and includes Sheetla Colony, Sheetla Enclave Phase 1,2,3; Ashok Vihar Phase 3, Ashok Vihar Extension-B, Dharm Colony and nearby areas. Kablana asserts that the government will be forced to provide justice to the people living in these areas; as they have invested hard earned money to buy land here.

“Not even a single brick will be demolished as humanity is on our side,” says Kablana. He is unhappy with the way the MCG and the administration are functioning in the city. No one wants to work for the people, says the Councillor. 

Kablana informs that a Supreme Court Bench, comprising Justice Jain and Justice Dave, has given a stay order on all the decisions given by the Haryana High Court – pertaining to the disputed land around the ammunition depot. “The Court has issued notices to all the stake holders—including the defence authorities—to find a reasonable solution to the problem. This could either be shifting of the depot, or denotifying the area – as it is inhuman to play with the lives of lakhs of people,” says Kablana, much to the happiness of his supporters.

The government of Haryana has been clearly instructed that all constructions till December 7, 2011 will remain as they are, in the 900 metre disputed area; and no demolitions should take place. He also asked the people to refrain from building anything further.

Kablana informs that he has been fighting the case against the government single-handedly; and now the 900-metre Sangharsh Samiti has joined hands with him to fight against this injustice. “Our contention is that the Haryana High Court has issued double orders in the same case, and this is wrong. Secondly, why is the High Court silent on the  demolition of HUDA colonies and the Maruti factory, that also fall in the disputed area,” he alleges.

In addition to the problems related to the disputed area, Kablana says that officials have stopped issuing power connections to house owners, and that is creating a lot of problems. “Where will people go in the darkness? The roads are in a bad condition, the sewage and sanitation system is absent in this Ward, and we are left with no time. We are expending our energies just fighting for justice,” he says.

Kablana is one of the rare MCG Councillors who has passed an MA course, and also holds an MBA degree. His seventeen year stint in the Air Force, he says, is helping him in the social and political work; as he is very organised and disciplined.

“My family is very happy and supportive of the work I am doing for the society. I have two sons and a daughter.  Though they want me to spend more time with them, they like it when people come to me and appreciate the work we  do,” he says; referring to the throng of supporters who are now planning for the next parliamentary elections.


5 thoughts on “Gaje Singh Kablana – Our Superhero

  1. Update: An important Meeting is going to be held on 26th June 2013 regarding the Big Issue of Ammunition Depot. Air Force authorities and GMC officials are participating in this meeting in order to take decision what can be happened on such issue. I hope it would be in favour of the Residents living around 900 Meters Ammunition Depot.
    Our hard working Councillor Mr. Kablana will definitely do his best effort that the decision would be taken in favour of the Residents living around 900 Meters Ammunition Depot.

  2. Dear Gaje Singh you are a brave solder for 900 meter ekta sanggarsh samiti om vihar colony we are always stand with you ,

    The State Assembly elections is just around the corner and a restricted part of Gurgaon- the IAF Ammunition Depot of 900 acres is posing problems for the administration. The MCG chief Praveen Kumar has proposed a number of issues and wants to relocate the depot from Gurgaon to a place not populated, but relocation can pose a problem for the people living in the area. Thus, a panel heard the arguments and the proposal of the MCG chief. Deputy Commissioner Ashish Vidyarthi said that a high level committee has been formed by the Union Cabinet Secretary to decide where establishment of IAF ammunition depot should be relocated to. Now the Committee will consider the suggestion of “shifting the depot” by Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) commissioner Praveen Kumar.
    According to Kumar, the IAF had raised the issue of the strategic and operational requirement of having the ammunition depot in Gurgaon because of its proximity to the capital and the airport. However, Kumar said, “I have been deputy commissioner in Faridabad and during my time there I learnt that about 3,250 acres of unutilized defense land is available at the Tilpat Firing Range (TFR) in Faridabad which could be fully utilized by the IAF to relocate the station in Gurgaon and Faridabad including the ammunition depot.”
    As was reported by, MCG Chief further added in the context of air distance, TFR is 26 km away from Hindon Air Force Station even the air base of Hindon is located near TFR. Apart from this, the distance between Palam Vihar Air Force Station is around 25 km. Gurgaon Air Force station covers 10 km gap to Palam Air Force Station wherein it is about 40 km away from Hidton. In January the High Court ordered MCG to provide electricity and water supply to the living on the 900 meter restricted area near IAF ammunition depot.
    In the last hearing, Punjab and Haryana High Court took the note of the proposal presented by MCG Chief and directed the formation of a committee including Ministry of Defense, MCG Commissioner, Ministry of Urban Development and the Union Cabinet Secretary.
    During the first meeting of committee, as explained by Praveen Kumar, he put forward two vital points of proposal. First like in Singapore, ammunition depot should be made underground so that it cannot affect the people living there if there is any explosion. It should be shifted to TFR. The redundant provisions of Defense Act of 1903 based on pre-Independence issues and technology should be reconsidered.
    IAF officials were directed by High Court to adopt a human approach towards the two lakh people living near ammunition depot. In case the depot shifting is deferred, IAF will be liable to paying compensation due to any explosion. Deputy commissioner will take a decision regarding the amount in lieu of loss of life and things.
    – See more at:

    Read more at:

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