AAP – Aam Aadmi Party view on 900 meters restricted area

In Gurgaon the Aam Aadmi party is going to raise the issue of unauthorised colonies in a big way, because a considerable section of the population of the City has been branded ‘illegal’ by the government, alleges Yadav. “HUDA has not carved out a single sector in the last one decade, and it is beyond the capacity of a common man to buy a flat in a builder colony – which comes for not less than one crore rupees. This is the reason people are forced to live in ‘private colonies’, which are deemed ‘unauthorized’ by the government”, he asserts. AAP (Party) wants to know why the government charges house tax and revenue fees, and issues power and electricity bills, if this huge population is deemed to be residing illegally. The issue of unauthorised colonies has been given a political color, and like in Delhi the Congress government will try to take political mileage out of it, but will fail. The residents of the 900 meters restricted area around the Ammunition Depot should also get relief, and AAP will push for removal of this facility or reduction of the banned limit to 100 meters. Pointing to a lacuna in the arguments of the government, Yadav says that when HUDA can develop sectors and offices in the disputed area, there is no reason why people from weaker sections, and those who can’t afford builder floors, should face demolition squads and police raids. “The people across Haryana have realised that getting rid of ‘traditional’ parties, who only subscribe to dynastic politics, is crucial for effecting change in the system”, he asserts. The Aam Aadmi Party is also going to raise its voice against the forcible acquisition of land across Haryana, in which both politicians and builders have benefited, by using archaic laws. Builders and politicians complement each other in this State, he says; adding that the rule of law is meant only for the weaker people, while the influential can get away with anything. All this needs to be stopped. “While land worth thousands of crores has been acquired, the farmers have been left in the lurch – with no development, little job opportunities and a failing agriculture that is getting little support from the government”, he says. The poor state of water, power and sanitation services, as well as inadequate infrastructure in the City will also be the focus of the Party. Lack of security and safety, particularly for women, is another burning issue. The decision by Kejriwal to resign from the post of Delhi Chief Minister is definitely going to help in Haryana, he says, because the people have come to know that AAP’s objective is not to be in power for personal benefit, but for the benefit of the masses – and to punish the guilty, especially the corrupt. While admitting that there were different views in the Party about giving up power, Yadav says that the decision has been taken keeping the larger national goals in mind – to work to cleanse the system at a larger level. Specific to Gurgaon’s governance, rather than pushing for a new Gurgaon Development Authority, AAP would rather focus on making the existing systems more effective and efficient.