Temporary Electric Connection Demanded


Power discom made party in IAF depot case

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The DHBVN was made a party to an ongoing case over the restricted 900m restricted area around the IAF Ammunition Depot in Gurgaon after it filed a petition in the high court seeking to release connections in the area. The discom had claimed that the maintenance charges were high and it was not receiving any returns in revenue and causing huge losses.

The discom had told the high court that there are only 17,000 legal connections in the area. DHBVN general manager Sanjeev Chopra said that there were about 5,500-odd illegal houses that have come up now with no connections from the discom and that they were sourcing power illegally.

Construction near IAF ammo depot in Gurgaon HC turns down pleas for power, water connections

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The Punjab and Haryana High Court today rejected the pleas for electricity and water connections for houses constructed within the restricted 900-meter zone around the IAF ammunition depot in Gurgaon.

A Division Bench of Acting Chief Justice Jasbir Singh and Justice Rakesh Kumar Jain dismissed the petitions during the resumed hearing of an ongoing petition filed in public interest against encroachments in prohibited zones around the air force stations in Gurgaon and Faridabad.

In their petition, some residents, who had constructed houses in the prohibited zone near IAF’s ammunition depot, sought directions to the authorities concerned to provide them power connections on the ground of right to equality.

They argued that a large number of residents, who had raised constructions wihin the restricted zone, have already been granted electricity and water connections by the local authorities. But the authorities have now refused to grant them the facility.

Counsel for the Union of India, Onkar Singh Batalvi, told the Bench that encroachments wihin the prohibited zones in Gurgaon and Faridabad had been removed. Taking a note of his assertion, the Bench adjourned the case to July 19 for further hearing.

Power theft alarm in zone around IAF depot

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Cases of electricity theft are rampant in the restricted zone around the IAF ammunition depot.

Pointing out that this was causing huge losses to DHBVN, discom executive engineer Agarwal has written to the general manager of DHBVN Gurgaon circle, Sanjeev Chopra, seeking an early solution to the problem causing long power cuts in the regularized colonies nearby.

Agarwal said the residents were as helpless as DHBVN because the discom was not allowed to give any new connections, extend lines or have any repair or new construction in the area due to which they resort to stealing power.

A high court order in February 2012 on illegal constructions in the area has sought to maintain status quo. In keeping with the court order, the DC banned new power connections, load extensions, laying of new cables and transformers in the area. However, according to Agarwal, residents of nearby regularized colonies were bearing the brunt of this as people are now extending wires from the main line and connecting them to their homes. Agarwal has said in his letter that the situation has made the DHBVN helpless with the discom facing losses worth crores every month. DHBVN’s Chopra, though, said the court had granted permission to issue temporary electricity and water connections in January but the DHBVN has not got any intimation from the DC so far

आयुध डिपो : फिर शुरू हुआ अवैध निर्माण

आयुध डिपो के प्रतिबंधित क्षेत्र में अस्थायी बिजली और पानी के कनेक्शन देने के आदेश के बाद यहां धड़ल्ले से अवैध निर्माण शुरू हो गए हैं। प्रतिबंधित क्षेत्र में चारों तरफ अवैध निर्माण की शिकायतें आ रही हैं। अशोक विहार फेज 3, ओम विहार, शीतला एनक्लेव, धर्म कॉलोनी आदि सभी स्थानों पर लोग अवैध निर्माण में जुटे हैं।

पिछले महीने 5 मार्च को आचार संहिता लागू हुई थी। इसके बाद से सरकारी विभागों में कामकाज लगभग पूरी तरह से ठप हो गए थे। तोड़फोड़ की कार्रवाई पर भी विराम लग गया था। इस दौरान आयुध डिपो के प्रतिबंधित क्षेत्रों में रातों – रात अवैध निर्माण हुए। बताया जाता है कि प्रतिबंधित क्षेत्र में जितनी भी कॉलोनियां पड़ती हैं, उन सभी में सैकड़ों अवैध निर्माण हो रहे थे। जिसकी सूचना भी निगम अफसरों को थी, लेकिन आचार संहिता लागू होने की वजह से किसी ने कोई कार्रवाई नहीं की।

निगम के एक अफसर का कहना है कि प्रतिबंधित क्षेत्र में अवैध निर्माण की जो रिपोर्ट तैयार की गई है, उसके मुताबिक यहां धर्म कॉलोनी, अशोक विहार फेज 3, शीतला एनक्लेव, राजीव नगर, संजय ग्राम, पालम विहार एक्सटेंशन आदि इलाकों में खूब अवैध निर्माण हुए हैं। सख्ती की वजह से इन इलाकों में जिन मकानों का निर्माण लंबे समय से आधा – अधूरा था, उन मकानों का भी निर्माण अब पूरा हो चुका है।

इस मामले में निगम के चीफ इंजीनियर बी एस सिंगरोहा का कहना है कि इस दौरान जितने भी लोगों ने अवैध निर्माण किए हैं, उनके निर्माणों को छोड़ा नहीं जाएगा। सभी अवैध निर्माणों के खिलाफ कार्रवाई की जाएगी।

Provide temporary power, water to dwellers in restricted Gurgaon zone: High court

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CHANDIGARH: The Punjab and Haryana high court on Friday directed Haryana authorities to provide power and water connections temporarily to the dwellers who have made constructions within the restricted zone of Indian Air Force ammunition depot in Gurgaon district. It has also ordered constitution of a high-level committee, headed by Union cabinet secretary, to find a solution and file status report by March 11.

While issuing the orders, a division bench headed by Chief Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul, however, made it clear that relief of basic amenities, including power and water, would be provided temporarily to the dwellers, subject to outcome of a writ petition filed by one Suresh Goyal of Faridabad in 2010 seeking removal of constructions from 100-metre area around Air Force Station, Dabua.

The high court has taken cognizance of a similar case of construction activities within the restricted zone of 900m of the ammunition depot of the Indian Air Force (IAF) in Gurgaon. The bench also made it clear that such facilities would be available only to those who had made constructions in the area prior to filing of the writ petition filed in 2010.

On the previous hearing, the HC had asked the ministry of defence (MoD) about the feasibility of shifting the installations to another area to resolve the issue. When the matter came up for hearing on Friday, the MoD however, made it clear that it is not feasible to shift either the defence installations from Gurgaon or the ammunition flow from the existing locations.

Arguing before the bench, the Haryana government submitted that it was ready to provide land to the Air Force in some other area, if it were ready to shift. The state government also said that the Air Force authorities were not ready for any proposed solution to the problem.

The counsel appearing for MoD, Onkar Singh Batalvi, informed the court that the installations were scientifically and strategically positioned in the present area and it would not be in national interest to shift them to some another location. Batalvi also submitted that in the era of urbanization, there is no guarantee that the restricted zone in some other location would not be encroached upon.

Now the case would against come up for further hearing on March 11.

‘Industrial growth leading to encroachments’

A total of 10,368 owners/occupiers have raised unauthorized buildings within 900m of the IAF ammunition depot and their removal is a sensitive issue, which may create law and order problem. It includes Maruti Udyog Limited (MUL), other small/large industrial units in Sector 18, residential/commercial area in Sector 14 and small residential belt in Sector 17. Haryana government had stated in 2011 that factories like MUL and Electric City in the said area were providing economic impetus to Gurgaon, which made this restricted belt vulnerable to urbanization and industrial growth, resulting in encroachments.